About Kley

Photographer Mark Ley took to the art of photography and film making at a young age and began capturing his surroundings on the Big Island of Hawaii. Growing up on the beach and surrounded by it’s many cultures, he developed an affinity for all aspects of the waterman lifestyle.

From surfing and diving, to sailing and lifeguarding, he embraces all aspects of the sun, sand and ocean. After moving to Carlsbad he re-launched his  own small business and has worked to capture the beach lifestyle and the culture of surfing that surrounds us here in San Diego’s North County and the California Surf Culture.

Mark’s own journey as a documenter of these lifestyles has taken him around the world and through many artistic mediums.  From film to video, Marks goal has always been to capture and share the waterman’s point of view.

Mark Ley provides fine art, lifestyle and commercial photography. I create content and capture experiences. I specialize in a style of photography that tells stories through powerful images in a blend of editorial, commercial and lifestyle photography composition.

From fine art images on your wall which help to set the tone of your space to carefully crafted imagery which sells your product/service in and online and social world, i can help you express that which is most important to you.

Contact us today to learn more about the following:
- Product and catalog Photography
- Fine art for Home, Office and Business decoration
- Web and social optimized photography

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